1965 MUSTANG 289 2+2 FASTBACK - Theft Recovery - $4,500 - MSW-338

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1966 Ford GT350-H Hertz Shelby Mustang Fastback

(Genuine) 1966 SHELBY GT350-H HERTZ MUSTANG  -  Project Car  -  MAKE OFFER  -  BRS-593

1966 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE  -  Flood Damage  -  $5,500  HKJ-162

'65 Mustang Ford Red Coupe

1965 MUSTANG  -  Stolen and Stripped  -  $2,000  -  VGR-572

1965 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE -  Theft Recovery  -  $5,000  -  GJK-751

'67 Fastback Mustang GT

1967 MUSTANG FASTBACK  -  Project Car  -  $3,500  YMJ-442

'65 Mustang Pony Car Convertible Ford

1965 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE  -  Stolen and Stripped  -  $4,000  JKU-842

1967 MUSTANG FASTBACK  -  Collision Damage  -  $5,500  GFU-132

1967 MUSTANG FASTBACK  -  Theft Recovery  -  MAKE OFFER  TRU-212

1966 MUSTANG  - Flood Damage  -  $3,000  KLG-652

'67 Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang Convertible

Genuine 1967 SHELBY GT500 Mustang Convertible  -  Project Car  -  MAKE OFFER  SAE-496

'65 Ford Mustang Convertible - Theft Recovery

1965 MUSTANG FASTBACK  -  Stolen and Stripped  -  $3,000  HJY-372

White '67 Fastback Mustang Shelby GT500KR

(Genuine) 1967 SHELBY GT500 MUSTANG  -  Project Car  -  MAKE OFFER  TGY-466

Red '67 Ford Convertible Mustang For Sale Cheap

1967 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE  -  Carburetor Fire  -  $3,500  BJY-358

White Blue '66 Fastback Ford Mustang

1966 MUSTANG FASTBACK  -  Theft Recovery  -  $5,000  YPN-982

Red '66 Ford Convertible Mustang Flood Car

1966 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE  -  Flood Damage  -  $3,000  NHL-842

Grey Metallic '67 Fastback Ford Mustang

1967 MUSTANG FASTBACK  -  Theft Recovery  -  MAKE OFFER  MYL-398

'65 Red Ford Mustang Coupe Engine Fire

1965 MUSTANG  -  Carburetor Fire  -  $2,500  HJL-842

Black '65 Ford Pony Mustang 289 Convertible For Sale Cheap

1965 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE  -  Theft Recovery  -  $4,900  JPG-298

1966 MUSTANG 289 FASTBACK  -  Theft Recovery  -  $5,900  YTG-243

Red Ford 1965 Pony Convertible Mustang

1965 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE  -  Collision Damage  -  $5,000  KLP-294

Flood Car - White '65 Ford Mustang Pony Convertible

1966 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE  -  Flood Damage  -  $3,000  FHS-275

1966 MUSTANG 289 FASTBACK  -  Theft Recovery  -  $5,500  SJK-465

Blue 67 Ford Fastback Mustang For Sale Cheap

1967 MUSTANG FASTBACK  -  Flood Damage  -  $4,500  JVB-308

67 Fastback Eleanor Mustang Black Silver For Sale

1967 ELEANOR MUSTANG FASTBACK  -  Theft Recovery  -  MAKE OFFER  GFC-546

Green 67 Shelby Ford Mustang Fastback GT500KR For Sale

(Genuine) 1967 SHELBY GT500 MUSTANG  -  Engine Fire  -  MAKE OFFER  HLF-116

Red Ford 65 Pony Convertible Mustang 289

1965 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE  -  Flood Damage  -  $3,000  BTF-540

1967 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE  -  Theft Recovery  -  $4,900  GKF-814

Blue '65 Ford Mustang 289 Pony Coupe

1965 MUSTANG - Flood Damage   -  $2,000  -  GKV-532

65 Ford 289 Mustang Coupe Blue

1965 MUSTANG  -  Theft Recovery  -  $3,900  TUO-543

'65 Ford Fastback 289 Mustang For Sale

1965 MUSTANG FASTBACK  -  Theft Recovery  -  $4,900  -  TVN-432

67 Fastback GT Ford Mustang Project Car For Sale

1967 MUSTANG FASTBACK  -  Project Car  -  $4,500  MNE-441

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Red 427 Roush Ford Mustang GT Coupe
2012 Roush 427
Theft Recovery
New 2014 C7 Stingray Corvette For Sale
2014 Corvette C7
Theft Recovery
New Harley Davidson Iron XL883N Sportster Motorcycle
2016 HD Sportster
Flood Damage
1965 Corvette Sting Ray 396 Big Block
1965 Corvette 396
Storm Damage
New Chevy Silverado 4WD Z71 Pickup Truck
2014 Silverado
Flood Damage
New Black Ford GT Mustang Coupe
2014 Mustang GT
Flood Damage
Red GT40 2005 Ford GT
2005 Ford GT
Collision Damage
Orange Black 69 DZ320 Chevy Camaro Z28
1969 Camaro Z28
Theft Recovery
1996 Indy Pace Car Dodge GTS Viper
1996 Viper GTS
Flood Damage
Red Modena F1 Ferrari 360 Spider Flood Car
2004 Ferrari 360
Flood Damage

1970 Challenger
Interior Fire


1955 Chevy Nomad
Theft Recovery

1965 Pontiac GTO
Theft Recovery

1967 427 Corvette
Project Car

Theft Recovery


More than 9,500 repairable salvage cars in stock for sale - inventory changes daily. Visit our website to view entire inventory - these are only a few examples. Vehicles are available for on-site inspections or purchase online with delivery available to any location worldwide. Vehicles are sold with titles.

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*  Our business is backed with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
*  Choose from a large inventory of over 9,500 repairable salvage cars - inventory changes daily.
*  Vehicles are sold with titles and all applicable sales documentation.
*  Delivery available to all locations worldwide and Customs Brokerage services for fast export.
*  Financing available when purchasing multiple vehicles.

Inventory changes daily and listings are subject to prior sale.

HISTORY OF THE FORD MUSTANG  -  1965  1966  1967

In 1961, Lee Iacocca, vice president and general manager of Ford Division, had a vision. His vision was a car that would seat four people, have bucket seats, a floor mounted shifter, be no more than 180 inches long, weigh less than 2500 pounds, and sell for less than $2500.00. Out of this vision, the Ford Mustang was born. After many months of meetings, discussions and market surveys, funding was finally approved for the Mustang in September of 1962. On March 9, 1964 the first Mustang rolled off of the assembly line. Only 18 months had elapsed since the Mustang had been approved for production. In order to keep production costs down, many of the Mustang's components were borrowed from the Falcon, including most of the drivetrain. With a multitude of different interior, exterior, and drivetrain options, the Mustang would be able to be ordered as plain, or as fancy, as economical, or as fast, as the buyer wanted. In general, the Mustang was designed for everyone and was advertised as "the car to be designed by you".

The Ford Mustang was heavily advertised during the latter part of it's development. On April 16, 1964, the day before it's release, Ford ran simultaneous commercials at 9:30pm on all three major television networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS. The following day, April 17, 1964, people "attacked" the Ford showrooms. Everyone was in a frenzy to be one of the first to own the Mustang. Ford sold over 22,000 Mustangs the first day. By the end of the year, Ford had sold 263,434. By the end of the Mustang's first anniversary, April 17, 1965, Ford had sold 418,812 Mustangs. The Mustang had made a name for itself, and it was here to stay!!!

The 1964, as it was later called, was available in only two models: the coupe and convertible. Both models featured a lengthened hood and shortened rear deck, chrome wrap-around bumpers, chrome grille with a running horse, and full wheel covers. Both models were available with a 170 cid, 101 horsepower, 6 cylinder engine, a 260-2V, 164 horsepower V-8, a 289-4V, 210 horsepower V-8 and, starting in June, a fire breathing, 4 barrel, solid lifter, 271 horsepower, 289 cid V-8 engine. The buyer had a choice of a 3 speed, 4 speed or automatic transmission, and a variety of rear end gear ratios. The interior featured "wall-to-wall" carpeting, front bucket seats or an optional front bench seat, rear bench seat, a sports car style steering wheel, floor mounted shifter, and full headliner. There were a total of 121,538 Ford Mustangs produced during the 1964 model run.

1965 Ford Mustang Coupe
1965 Ford Mustang Convertible
1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback

1965 brought few changes for the Mustang. The biggest change was the availability of a new fastback model, which was to become the basis for Carroll Shelby's GT350. The 120 horsepower, 200 cid 6 cylinder engine replaced the 170 cid 6 cylinder, the 289-2V, 200 horsepower V-8 replaced the 260-2V, the 289-4V was upgraded to 225 horsepower, and the 289-4V hi-po remained unchanged. Other changes for the 1965 Mustang included: an alternator instead of a generator, relocation of the oil filler, integral power steering pump and reservoir (most 1964's had a remote mounted resevoir), a wire retaining ring was added to the gas cap, the horns were smaller and relocated, and the interior carpet was continued up the sides of the rocker panel and under the sill plate. A new interior option was added, the interior decor group (known as the pony interior), which featured special seat covers with running horses across the seat back, special interior door panes with integral arm rests and pistol grip door handles, five gauge instrument panel, wood grain steering wheel, and wood grain appliques on the instrument cluster, glovebox, and optionally on the center console. Another Mustang option introduced in April of 1965 was the GT equipment group. Available only with one of the two four barrel engines, the GT group included five-dial instrumentation, disc brakes, larger sway bars, quicker steering ratio, dual exhaust which exited through the rear valance panel, grill mounted fog lights, and special lower body side stripes. A total of 559,451 Mustangs were produced for the 1965 model year.

1966 Ford Mustang GT Coupe
1966 Ford Mustang GT Convertible
1966 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

1966 brought even fewer changes for the Mustang than did its predecessor. Most of the changes for 1966 were in the form of cosmetic refinements. A new grille which featured chrome edged, horizontal inserts, replaced the honeycomb grille of '65. The chrome bars that extended horizontally and vertically from the running horse were deleted on the 1966 Mustang's grille. A new three fingered rear quarter panel ornament was used. The lower rocker panel moulding became standard equipment, as did backup lights, and a chrome hood lip moulding. The fuel filler cap no longer included the plastic Mustang emblem insert found on the earlier models. On the inside, the Mustang was treated to standard five gauge instrumentation, and "woven" vinyl seat inserts. The choices of available interior colors and styles increased to thirty four varieties, giving the buyer even more ways to personalize "their" Mustang. Production increased to 607,568 units for 1966.

1967 Ford Mustang Coupe
1967 Ford Mustang Convertible
1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

1967 brought the first major restyling to the Ford Mustang. The Mustang was starting to grow up. The length and height were increased, 2.7" and .5" respectively. The wider body allowed for the installation of a tire smoking, 320 horsepower, 390 cid engine, the first big block engine in the Mustang. Among new options for the 1967 Mustang were the tilt-away steering wheel, an overhead console, power disc brakes, and an all new transmission, the FMX, which allowed fully automatic or manual shifting. The Mustang fastback's roof line was extended to the rear of the trunk. Interior trim options were decreased from 34 in 1966 to just 20 in 1967. Production for 1967 slipped to just over 472,000 units.

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